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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just Checking In

So... life has been super busy the last few weeks. Sorry I've been absent. Real estate has picked up, my daughter had pneumonia, and I'm in the middle of planning my son's first birthday party so my days have been full.
This morning we had my son's 1 year pictures done by one of my favorite photographers, Jacqueline of Tiny Impressions Photography. I'm so excited to see how they turn out. She took both of my childrens' newborn pictures:

 and their 2 year/6 month pictures:

Here's a peek of today's fun (she didn't take this one -- I did with my phone -- so don't judge her by this one). My son didn't want to smile all morning but Jacqueline was so patient and worked hard to get great pictures.
I'll share some of hers when they're ready.
Have a blessed weekend!

Becky Brooks

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