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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


These days, every time you open your facebook page you see an ad for a friend or a friend's friend who has decided to try their hand at photography. Some actually have great talent and do a great job. But so very many really aren't great at all.
I was fortunate enough to find an awesome photographer for my kids right from the beginning. You can see in this post she did both of my childrens' newborn pictures. She also did my son's 6 month pictures & my daughter's 2 year pictures. And our most recent venture with her was my son's 1 year pictures. And as usual, she didn't let us down. Her name is Jacqueline Childress of Tiny Impressions Photography. You can see her website HERE and her facebook page HERE.

My son's birthday party was sock monkey themed {check back later for a post about the party} so for his pictures we used some props from the party decor.
The best smile we got from him all morning was when the photographer's son came in to say hi....
And this particular morning my son was obsessed with this toy....
And his precious face in black and white...
And then there was my favorite part of the shoot -- his smash cake!
At this point the photographer and I laughed when she said "I don't think it's physically possible for him to have anymore cake on his hands right now."
As always, balloons are a must...
Oh his sweet, sweet face....

And now I'll finish this post with one more gem...

Do you have professional pictures taken of your children? Your family? Your significant other?
What was your child's reaction after tasting cake for the first time?

{party hat, tie, and bunting were made by Blessed Creations by B}

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Change of Plans

My plan for this evening was to write a wonderful post about my recent garage sale experience. That plan quickly changed when I happened to check in on my one-year old son. He felt very warm to me so I got him up to give him Advil and take his temperature. It definitely caught me by surprise to see the number -- 105.7!
We called the after hours number for our pediatrician and they recommended we take him to the ER or another urgent care facility that was equipped for babies.
I took him and the place was great. The doctor ended up diagnosing him with what he kept referring to as Slap Cheek.
I was given some tips on how to manage his fever and sent on my merry little way.
On the way home we stopped for Advil and Tylenol. I let my son play with the boxes and it seriously made him the happiest baby ever.

Have you ever had a late night scare with your child(ren)?

Becky Brooks

Monday, March 4, 2013

One Half

My children are 18 months apart, almost to the day. Which means their birthdays fall almost exactly 6 months apart each year. Tomorrow my daughter will be 2 1/2 and on Thursday my son will be 1. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest (where most of my ideas my inspiration comes from) that I decided to start.
Unfortunately I cannot find the original pin to give them credit, but it was adorable!
We aren't having a party or giving presents. But my daughter will wake up to this:
It's definitely not my fanciest work.... 
But I think she'll get a kick out of it! 
I went with strawberry cake & strawberry icing.
Because they're pink!

I hope you have a blessed day!

What's your favorite way to celebrate little milestones in life?
Had you ever heard of a half birthday celebration before?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just Checking In

So... life has been super busy the last few weeks. Sorry I've been absent. Real estate has picked up, my daughter had pneumonia, and I'm in the middle of planning my son's first birthday party so my days have been full.
This morning we had my son's 1 year pictures done by one of my favorite photographers, Jacqueline of Tiny Impressions Photography. I'm so excited to see how they turn out. She took both of my childrens' newborn pictures:

 and their 2 year/6 month pictures:

Here's a peek of today's fun (she didn't take this one -- I did with my phone -- so don't judge her by this one). My son didn't want to smile all morning but Jacqueline was so patient and worked hard to get great pictures.
I'll share some of hers when they're ready.
Have a blessed weekend!

Becky Brooks