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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Handicapped by Technology

Is it just me or has society become handicapped by technology?
I'm a Realtor and was out showing lease houses this morning to a client. And after the very last house I showed him, my phone died (which I had been using for GPS). 
I was in Saginaw and I don't know my way around that city at all without some form of navigational help. But I thought to myself, "no problem - I've got this."
Not. So. Much.
I was trying to get to Grapevine but ended up in Lake Worth. Oops.
I then had to find a store that sold car chargers. And then I had to sit in the car & wait for my phone to charge enough to turn back on. I didn't want to attempt to drive anywhere without the GPS for fear of getting lost again.
My phone finally turned back on, I opened up Google Maps, and was back on the road, headed in the correct direction.
But that entire ordeal wasted an hour of my day. An hour!
And who knows peoples' phone numbers these days (besides a few close family members)?
Other constant technology uses:
-checking email
-watching Netflix
-surfing Pinterest
-looking up definitions or how to spell a word
-sending text messages (sometimes to avoid calling a person)
-MLS (multiple listing service for Realtors -- seriously, I don't know how real estate agents were able to get anything done before MLS came along)
and the list goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong, I love technology (but not as much as you, you see...) but it became painfully obvious to me today that I have come to rely on some forms of technology (namely my phone) way too much. 
Make sure you take time to pull away & detach from technology every once in a while. Enjoy this beautiful planet the Lord gave us!

What is your technology guilty pleasure?
What in your life would seemingly collapse without technology?

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