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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mommy's Little Helper

My daughter, Reagan, is 2.5 yrs old. She makes me laugh daily. And she's already fiercely independent & so very smart. Of course, I'm her mother so it's possible that I'm a little biased...
When we were at the grocery store today she was walking beside me and was very concerned about getting things for her Daddy. She picked out his coffee and insisted we get him cake.
[fast forward to this evening] 
My angel wanted to help me bake Daddy a cake.
We were blessed to have a friend give us their wooden helper tower and my daughter loves it.
Any time I start cooking or baking, Reagan runs into the kitchen, pushes anything that might be in the tower onto the floor, and climbs up ready to lend a hand. 
She loves to help.
This mixer is my {second} best friend while baking.
Reagan REALLY wanted to help "open the eggs." 
Can you guess which one she helped me "open"?
I decided to use these silicon molds. 
But where my decision making failed, is the point where I forgot to spray them. Oops.
Reagan had a hard time practicing her patience while the cakes were in the oven.
Unfortunately she had to go to bed before they cooled down enough to frost them. 
{I did give her a mini one without frosting since she was such a big helper}
Some turned out cute....
... others, not so much. 
These may not be the prettiest cupcakes I've ever made but they are still delicious!

Do you have a child that loves to help you in the kitchen?
At what age did you start teaching them how to cook &/or bake?

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