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Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Top 10: Chocolate Cake Recipes

If you're anything like me, you love Pinterest.
And again, if you're anything like me, you pin a bunch of great ideas on Pinterest but only get around to doing/using about 10% of those pins.
I've decided to once a week give you a list of the top 10 pins (in my personal opinion) for different categories. And I would love for you to share your favorite pins for those categories, as well!
This week I thought I'd start out with something fun:
I mean come on, who doesn't love a delicious chocolate cake?!
Here we go!

#1. The Best Chocolate Cake {ever}
I see this one commonly described as: the Best Chocolate Cake {ever} so of course it needs to be #1! Head on over to Add a Pinch to see the full recipe along with many mouthwatering pictures [it's where I snagged the one above]. It's simple, moist, and delicious.

#2. Creamy Nutella Chocolate Cake
I have recently seen an influx of Nutella-based recipes on Pinterest and this brings joy to my mouth. I hope you have tried Nutella. But if you haven't, stop reading this post & immediately drive to the store & buy a container. It is a delicious mix of hazelnut & chocolate. Yum.
This recipe is from Luxe Finds and uses a Trader Joe's Cake Mix & a few other ingredients, including Nutella. Sounds delicious! In the picture above [found on their page] they have paired it will vanilla ice cream. Perfection!

#3. Midnight Sin Chocolate Cake
Oh, wow. I found this recipe on the Not So Humble Pie blog and it looks absolutely sinful! This picture from their page makes me not only want to bake this cake this instant, but it also makes me aware of my desire for the perfect white cake stand.
{I collect cake stands but that's an entirely different issue we'll talk about another day}
You can tell just by looking at this picture that is it moise & rich & will require a full glass of milk to finish. This one is a must-try.

#4. Almond Espresso Chocolate Cake
I love almond {flavoring, especially}.
I love espresso {peppermint mochas from Sbux are my weakness}.
I love chocolate {anything}.
So a cake that combines those three flavors is a little piece of heaven, in my opinion!
Taste of Home seemingly nailed-it with this recipe! Their picture above makes my mouth water. And I love that they garnished theirs with powdered sugar, chocolate shavings, and espresso beans. Precious. I WILL bake this in the near future -- I just need to find a reason to first!
{as if you really need a reason to bake a chocolate cake}

#5. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
I definitely thought I should feature a gluten-free cake in this list. I used to {attempt} to bake gluten-free desserts for a co-worker a few years ago. I was usually pretty disappointed with the end result. It always seemed to turn out dry and flat.
I found this recipe on King Arthur Flour and as you can see from their picture above, this recipe doesn't seem to have either of those problems!
[make sure you read their tips in this recipe to ensure the proper allergy-free results & best consistency]

#6. Chocolate Banana Cake with Buttercream Frosting
This next one I know is delicious because the recipe is endorsed by one of my favorite bloggers, Dara, over at The Hungry Momma blog. She's a whiz in the kitchen so whatever she tells you to do -- do it! This cake is yummy and delicious and sure to please the masses {even the little picky eaters in your life}. Mmmmmm.....
[keep your eyes out for that lovely Dara -- she's someone you want to keep up with in the future]

Time for the 7th Recipe Stretch -- or something like that.
Do you feel like you've gained a few extra pounds just by reading this recipes?
One fun idea is to bake and then give away! You could make your favorites & then take them up to your local fire station or police station & share the love with some of the bravest people around. <3

Now back to the grind.

#7. Fruit & Chocolate Cake Recipe
As you can tell from this picture from Food Lve, this recipe has a wonderful presentation. And it kind of makes you feel like you're eating healthy because hey, there's fruit on there!
{though this recipe is cheating a bit because let's be real, it's actually a brownie under there but who doesn't love brownies?}
I feel like this one would be lovely to bake & bring to a party. It's easy and looks delicious -- what more could you ask for?

#8. Coca-Cola Cake
I'm from the South {hooray for Texas} so I couldn't make a list of chocolate cake recipes without including a Coca-Cola cake. You can find many variations of this recipe all over the web. And as you can tell from this picture from Serious Eats, you actually use Coca-Cola when baking {hence the name}. This cake is moist, rich, and delicious.

#9. Julia Child's Queen of Sheba Cake
Why? Because what's a baking top 10 list without something by Julia Child? She's amazing.  So that means this cake is amazing. She is wonderful to watch on old cooking shows. She was real. She was talented. And she was funny!
Her recipes are usually trickier than the normal add-your-eggs-and-beat-then-pour-in-the-pan type of recipes. And this one fits that bill. It's not at an expert level, but don't try it when you have a toddler at your heels wanting to help and you're in a hurry to throw something in the oven. I am sure the end result of this one will be worth the extra effort! I found this recipe and picture on the Women's Health Magazine blog. 

And last but not least.....

#10. Vegan Chocolate Cake
Now I am not a vegan nor have I ever wanted to be a vegan (just a personal choice -- nothing against vegans of course). So why did I choose this one? Honestly, because my daughter picked it. My brain is tired from sifting {<--- baking humor} through so many chocolate cake recipes so I had my 2.5year-old daughter come point to a picture on Pinterest. But I think it's the perfect choice! I included a gluten-free cake so it only seems fitting that I'd also include a vegan cake. Vegans needs chocolate cake love, too! ;D
I found this recipe & picture on Hub Pages posted by Melissa Davis. 
P.S. You'll never guess the secret ingredient that helps this cake be soft & fluffy without using eggs!!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Pinterest Top 10.

Now I'm challenging you to pick one {or more} of these delicious chocolate cake recipes & try it out for yourself! I'd love to hear how they turned out!

And now I leave you with two {not-so} deep questions:

Is there a delicious chocolate cake recipe that you love that I didn't feature on this list?

What would you like the theme of next week's Pinterest Top 10 to be?


  1. Well, there goes my diet.:) I like the almond expresso one, but the first one with the fluffy icing looks good too. I'll just take one of each.

    1. I know, right? I think the only reason I haven't baked each one is because I'm too busy at the moment. Haha!

  2. Holy moly! Those all look so delicious!!